The 3 Steps of Courting
Step One:
  • Deepen your friendship - don’t hurry
  • Relax and enjoy each other’s company
  • Share your life - the fun, mundane, and in-between
  • Work and Play together
  • Let them see the “real you”
  • Be a student of ——.  Understand them better to have a better friendship
  • Appropriate pace, focus, and space
  • Pace=unhurried
  • Focus=get to know each other
  • Space=let the amount of space it holds in your life start small and grow

Step Two:

  • A Strong Spiritual Foundation
  • God must be your common passion
  • Men take the lead here
  • Find ways to pray for each other
  • Read Christian books together, talk about sermons, and read the Bible together and discuss it
  • Spur each other onto righteousness

 Step Three:

  • This only happens when Friendship and Fellowship are developing
  • Essence of Pure Romance=pursuit
  • Romance is not #1 priority, but it is so important
  • They are a good thing and a gift from God, when God is confirming the wisdom of the relationship
  • Men are to be the initiators in the romantic expression
  • Do little things to say what’s in your heart
  • Never let your Romantic Expressions express more commitment than you can say in words
  • Don’t guard your heart so much that he/she pulls back thinking you are un-interested

Posted on June/12/2012
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